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Daniel Pinheiro - Fletcher Bowl Award Winner (2021)

Updated: Apr 8

Daniel Pinheiro CFA, CFP®, Wealth Manager and Founder of South Coast Planning & Wealth Management, was the 2021 recipient of CFA Society Providence's annual Fletcher Bowl Contest and Award.

Annual Dow Jones Award Trophy - Fletcher Bowl
CFA Society Providence's Fletcher Bowl Award

The Fletcher Bowl is awarded annually, to the member of CFA Society Providence, that most accurately predicts the price movement of the Dow Jones Industrial Average during the selected time frame. The Fletcher Bowl dates back to the 1960's and is a long-standing tradition of CFA Society Providence and the former Providence Society of Financial Analysts. The Fletcher Bowl, pictured above, is passed from winner to winner, much like the Stanley Cup, and is another long-standing tradition of CFA Society Providence. Daniel Pinheiro was the 2021 Fletcher Bowl award winner and trophy recipient.


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